Mold Restoration


Structural Cleaning

In some cases, the cleaning of a structure will suffice when it comes to mold remediation. Mold does not feed off of non-organic material. In some cases it is possible that mold growth is enabled by excess dirt and dust within the structure. Our experienced professionals are skilled in determining the cause of mold and removing said causes to effectively eradicate the mold problem.


Often, there are porous materials with excessive mold growth that need to be discarded. Having the correct type of containment stops spores from spreading throughout a structure, especially during the demolition phase. Many times, tiles in schools for example, must come out.


Containment of discarded materials is a critical step in the mold remediation process. Our experienced professionals are able to determine the proper steps to take when removing items so as not to contaminate other areas in the structure. We determine the correct amount and degree of containment for each job to keep your structure, and those that frequent the building, safe.

Content Cleaning

All Nation Restoration can clean items such as desks, equipment, and even some books that are able to be salvaged.

Mold Remediation Equipment

Negative Air Machines Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) Air Scrubbers Dehumidifiers Blowers Monitoring equipment Hepa vacuums Mobile Unit

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